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Light Painting Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to create a stunning photograph in the dark when there is absolutely no available light? If so then this light painting tutorial will definitely be of interest to you. Over the years we have ventured into many places which have been pretty much pitch black. The only light coming from the torches we bring with us, which we use to create photos like this Firstly and probably most importantly you will need a few items of […]

Cumberland St Train Station

Cumberland Street Train Station serviced the Gorbals area of Glasgow until 1966 when it was closed. It was originally called Eglinton St however had its named change to avoid confusion with another near by station. Many passers-by won’t even take a second glance at the former station as they commute to the city centre from the south side, as I used to do the same until I found out about it. The day we visited we had a few unsuccessful […]

Abandoned Scotland Flickr Group

We have just created our own Flickr Group for those of you already on Flickr who are looking to share their work. Click through the link, join up, and start submitting your photos of abandoned places in Scotland. Abandoned Scotland Flickr Group If you haven’t already joined Flickr head on over to and sign up. It’s free!