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Hartwood Hospital – September 2011

Hartwood Hospital is set in a spectacular location with a stunning building commanding a fantastic view of the surrounding area. The 19th century psychiatric hospital’s main feature is the twin clock towers, one of which has sadly been the victim of a rather bad fire.

Hartwood Hospital NHS Signpost
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The fire pretty much gutted a large part of the main building which has now been fenced off in an attempt to prevent people from doing the same again.

Hartwood Hospital's main building with twin clock towers
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Within the main building very little remains of its former life as a hospital and television study for Lanarkshire TV. Here you can see a couch once used by the television company:

Hartwood Hospital corridor complete with purple leather couch
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The corridor’s glass roof has seen better days but still has some of its original features intact.

Hartwood Hospital - a close up of the glass corridor's roof
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An old cash register lies amongst the rubble of one of the clock towers.

Hartwood Hospital cash register lies amongst the rubble
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Most of the surrounding buildings and connecting corridors were demolished after closure however the building still looks magnificent even with all the damage done to it over the years.

A panoramic shot of Hartwood Hospital overlooking the surrounding fields
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Unfortunately it would appear that the cost to save the building would be far too much in today’s financial climate. Hartwood Hospital looks destined to lie abandoned until it collapses.

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9 Responses

  1. Unfortunatley ,thiss building is going the same way as a few in North Lanarkshire , namely , just left to rot . Wishaw High School was left in a similar state , until it became dangerous , and being in the middle of town , it was demolished , and the council sold the ground onto developers .
    As far as Hartwood is concerned , there is some debate on just who own the land , it was given over by a Lord , just after the Boar War , to be used as a hospital , but if it ever stopped being used as a hospital , the land was to be returned to the descendants of the parsn that donated it . I am not sure of the full story , but the hospital is only a small part of the larger estate, there was till rescently another hospital just a few hunderd yards fron this one , but that has been flattened as well .
    Locals living in the area wonder , just what is going to happen to the estate , building , and farms connected to this place . its crime to see such a lovely building being left to rot,

  2. I worked here when it was used for lanarkshire tv. I used to sneak around exploring. Such a shame to see how its been left. If not for the fences id love to revisit with my camera!

  3. The land was given to them by Lord Deas – also known as “The Hanging Judge”. This was once a centre piece for excellence in the care of the mentally ill. Lanark District Asylum – as it was then known – was opened on Tuesday 14th May 1895. A fine building with a noble past, left to rot. Very sad but nothing unusual for Lanarkshire.

    • far too many building in Lanarkshire , have been left to go this way , its really a moral crime . I worked for a short time at the Hartwoodhill Hospital , and its not that long ago that it was raised to the ground as well , but that was not a listed building .I wonder who will the powers that be try to sell all the the land too ? and at what ”profit”

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