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Garthland House & Chapel – August 2012

Garthland House is situated on the outskirts of Lochwinnoch and was originally built in 1796. It was once known as Garpel House and then Barr House before becoming Garthland House. It was once a majestic house however no lies in a state of ruin and decay. Its most recent use was that of a care home with little remaining to show of it.

Garthland House Bedroom
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As you can see from this photo of one of the bedrooms little remains of the interior of the building. Most parts of the roof have fallen in due to years of neglect with this being one of the few with both the floor and ceiling still remaining.

Formerly a grand staircase now lying stripped of its metal by thieves with the walls shedding their paint.

Garthland House Staircase
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One part of Garthland House that still remains fairly intact is the red brick chapel which was constructed in 1955 and joins to the south-western end of the building.

Garthland House Chapel
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The door to the confessional still remains having not heard a confession in years.

Garthland House Confessional
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The marble altar still sits at the head of the chapel overlooks the empty space where pews would formerly have sat.

Garthland House Altar {Explored}
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The stained glass windows have also survived the years with little to no damage.

Garthland House Stained Glass Window
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Another surprising find given how long the place has been left abandoned was the old organ.

Garthland House Organ
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They keys of the organ have seen years of deterioration and could do with a little clean.

Garthland House Organ
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4 Responses

  1. is this worth a visit? can you get close enough to take some decent exterior shots, or is it fenced off by security? btw, never been inside an abandoned building before!

  2. When studying photography a few years ago I used this location for my self portrait. Unaware at the time I would end up working in a care home years later and be very happy there.

    This is a very interesting location although I’m not sure how safe it would be now as it was dangerous at certain parts at the time.

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