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Edingham Munitions Factory – April 2012

Edingham Munitions Factory is situated near the town of Dalbeattie in Dumfries and Galloway. It was built in 1939 to a cost of £3.5 million with most of the factory being built by hand. It was built at this location as the Dumfries to Stranraer railway line passed right through it.

Edingham Munitions Factory Passageway
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The site is made up of numerous almost identical buildings with the majority still standing to this day. The site has had many uses over the years since its closure with one of its most recent being a training ground for the armed forces. On the day we decided to visit we arrived to find a small army company packing up their guns and small tanks before heading off. Needless to say we waited elsewhere for them to leave before going for a wander.

The buildings now have a bit of a ‘Western’ feel to them as some of them are quite isolated from the rest.

Edingham Building
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We searched quite a few of the buildings to see if there were any remains of its former days as a Munitions Factory but mostly found remnants of its use by the army and as storage for a fun fair.

Edingham Watch Cat
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At one side of the building ran an access passageway as can be seen in the first photo above, but some of the buildings also had a raised walkway running behind the rooms.

Edingham Interior Passageway
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There were a lot of left overs from the army’s use of the site that weekend with a lot of razor wire set up as barricades and a large number of sensors on a lot of the buildings. This building appeared to be used as a sort of HQ or base by part of the company.

Edingham Building Interior
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We also found a few ‘sniper nest’s dotted about a number of the hills, which were partially camouflaged.

Edingham Sniper Nest
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The site is massive taking us the majority of the day to wander round it and with the weather being typically Scottish it was a rather wet day.

Edingham Panoramic
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  1. Personally as an ex sniper, i dont think that is a sniper nest. It looks too big. It seems to look more like something a birdwatcher would use, looks like it still gets regular use by the grass as well.

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