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Do you believe in Ghosts?

Do you believe in Ghosts? It’s a question that is raised to us on YouTube relatively frequently, I suppose because we visit abandoned places it would be logical to some people to automatically assume that we must be into paranormal investigation and ghost hunting. The short answer to the question would be no I don’t believe in ghosts and I’ll try and explain why.

We’ve visited several different places, some of them would be considered spooky and some people would say they’re haunted but I’ve never encountered anything that’d suggest that there was a ghost or spirit in the place. Has there been noises at times? Has there been things which were odd such as doors moving? Yes there has been but when walking around an abandoned building you have to expect that. These are buildings that have fallen into disrepair, they have generally suffered from various weather elements battering them with little to no maintenance so you have to expect that floorboards and various other parts have been damaged. The wind passes through these places through broken windows and large openings so for a door to be moving is not uncommon and isn’t something I would consider to be caused by a ghost. So why do people always assume there are ghosts in abandoned locations?

The problem is the fact that there is little to no light in these places, there is some strange sounds and with the heightened adrenaline of entering an environment like this it would be easy to scare and freak yourself out. As humans we tend to have to come to a reason for something occurring and by having the added tension that there might be ghosts in a building it will add to the adrenaline rush and excitement. So what about the visual element? Some people have claimed to have seen ghosts.

When you go into a dark place from somewhere with light, it will take a while for your eyes to adjust. I genuinely believe that some people that claim to have seen a ghost have seen something that they believe to have been one when in fact it was an optical illusion which may resemble in some form a figure or ghost. The combination of light and dark can be used to play tricks on the eye. Here’s an example of this, stare at the four dots below in the middle of the picture for 15 seconds. Then either look away or close your eyes and you’ll see an image of Jesus.

This combination of light and darkness is more frequent in abandoned places than anywhere I can think of. Another visual element that I’ve never really understood is the fascination with orbs as a visual reference to a ghost, on some of the videos people have commented saying “Look there’s an orb, I wonder who that was”, to me I see a midgie or a bit of dust flying past out of focus to the camera with it being blurred giving that circular orb. Here’s an example of a circular orb that was commented on YouTube to be a spirit. You can see it on the video of the opening to the Cults mine at about 10 seconds in floating past the bottom of the opening to the mine.

With all that being said I certainly wouldn’t think less of someone for believing in ghosts, it’s just through personal experience I’ve never had something that has occurred that would make me believe in them. To an extent it’s just like I don’t believe in fairies, dragons, zombies or witches. They are all things that were created by humans and used in horror films but they’ve never existed. Maybe one day I’ll come face to face with a ghost and until that day arrives I’ll always be sceptical. I’d be interested to hear your opinions on the subject though, do you believe in ghosts?

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