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Have Computer Games Played A Part In Making Exploring Popular?

Computer games depending on where you read, have become more popular than other mainstream media such as movies and music. Gaming is now the past time of choice for many of an increasingly digital generation but how has this helped in making exploring more popular? Many of today’s popular games have destroyed environments and post apocalyptic themes where it’s common place to see digital recreations of decaying structures, games such as Gears of War, Call of Duty, Fallout, Battlefield etc…

Black Ops Cracked
The map cracked seen in Call of Duty Black Ops.

With the spectacular visuals and destroyed scenery shown in these games a new youthful generation appears to be coming through, hungry to see the real world equivalents that these games have been based upon. Although with that I think comes a real concern and responsibility from experienced explorers to promote safety and precautions when out exploring. It’s important that the younger generation seeing these places are fully aware of the risks and hazards associated with certain aspects of exploring such as entering abandoned buildings. In a computer game obviously you have no physical risks navigating these environments, although that being said if you’re waving your arms into a frenzy playing on the Nintendo Wii there might be some. I really feel it’s important that it’s stressed that exploring inside a building is never 100% safe and there are always risks entering any abandoned place regardless of how undamaged it might seem.

By all means I think exploring as an activity should be enjoyed by people of all ages with the right precautions, safety measures and limits clearly thought out. Up until now “urbex” or “urban exploring” has been portrayed as something which is underground and mysterious but I feel it’s something that we should all be enjoying and making sure that there is plenty of documentation of our heritage for future generations, even if it’s not possible to save the buildings themselves. Entering a building is not required to enjoy these places and documenting external features of buildings is a great way to get started and get involved.

Other than the obvious safety concerns there are positives to take from this. The fact that these places can hold an interest with a computerized generation and that outdoor activities can become popular, despite the image pedaled that many of the population are becoming obese and have no interest in exercise, there seems to be a growing number of people wanting to get out and get involved. In Scotland we have a wealth of amazing historical structures and buildings and I think it’s great that so many people have an interest in them.

A screenshot from Fallout 3.

We have actually asked before on facebook what the communities favourite game was and there was an overwhelming response. But is this just coincidence with so many gamers being out there or is there a direct correlation between exploring and gaming? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

At Abandoned Scotland we are big gamers and love to play on Xbox LIVE, we’ve been considering having a gaming night for the community and if you would be interested in participating leave a comment on facebook and we’ll see if we can get a game and a night where we can all play.

Add “AbandonedSco” without the quotes on Xbox LIVE in the mean time if you want to play with us.

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  1. I’ve been wondering why I love looking at abandoned buildings and this article has really helped! I used to play Tomb Raider when I was younger and I always wanted to be like her! I don’t know why but I find looking at the photos really interesting even if I don’t know the history of the place.

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