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Category : 3D Mapping

3D Modelling Abandoned Lennox Castle / Hospital

Lennox Castle in Dumbartonshire was originally built as a home for John Lennox Kincaid and was designed by the architect David Hamilton. It was to remain a personal residence until it was requisitioned for use as a military hospital during World War 1. In 1927 the castle was purchased by the Glasgow Corporation, as well as much of the surrounding land with a view to using it as a hospital for the mentally ill. Several buildings around the castle were […]

3D Mapping Abandoned House – Cambusnethan Priory

When we were considering buying our new Phantom 3 Professional drone, 3D mapping was one of the main reasons we decided to take the plunge and spend¬†¬£800 to purchase it. I’ve always been fascinated with new technology and being able to show the old in a new way. 3D mapping allows us to do this by taking multiple photos around an abandoned building, which are geotagged by the Phantom 3 Pro, allowing the photos to be constructed into three dimensional […]