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Buchanan Castle

Buchanan Castle is more of an early Scots baronial house than your typical Scottish castle and was built between 1852 and 1858. The castle briefly saw service as a hospital during World War II, and a hotel prior to that in 1925.

The roof of the castle was removed in 1954 to avoid paying tax on the building which inevitably started the destruction of this once beautiful building. Now all that remains of the castle are its walls which are slowly being reclaimed by nature.

Buchanan Castle Corridor


The remains of numerous fireplaces are still prevalent throughout the castle although little is left to show their former grandeur.

Colour of Buchanan Castle


One of the most intact parts, if you could stretch that far, is the basement of the castle which hasn’t seen the same ingress of nature that other parts have. This will be down to the lack of light that it receives, but it does leave a few corridors free of clutter.

Buchanan Castle Basement


The majority of the floors above ground level have long since disappeared however the odd one or two still precariously remain for those of you brave enough to walk them.

Buchanan Castle Fallen Floors


There is one fireplace which has been left behind within the castle and is easily one of the most spectacular. Standing over 6 foot in height it now gathers the fallen plaster of the walls surrounding it.

Buchanan Castle Fireplace {Explored}


One of the most interesting stories about the castle is that Rudolph Hess was supposed to have been treated there after crashing onto the Eaglesham Moor on his peace journey during World War II.

Buchanan Castle Lath & Plaster

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  1. I nursed an old man who as a medic during the war checked Hess for injuries on his first night in Scotland at Buchanan castle. They didn’t really know who he was. With only a guard and himself they escorted him back to his room. Hess looked out the window and started humming Bonnie Banks. Only the next day did the army arrive when they realised his claim was true and they surrounded the place.

  2. Research has led me to believe our part of the Buchanan Clan left Scotland during the time of the Highland clearance. I hope to return for a visit at the ancestral lands some day

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