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Buchanan Castle Video – Abandoned Scotland

Buchanan Castle is a large house in Stirlingshire, Scotland, and serves today as the seat of the Clan Graham.
Located west of the village of Drymen, the house was built by the 4th Duke of Montrose in 1854. The original structure, the ancestral seat of the Clan Buchanan, had burned down in 1852, and Montrose commissioned William Burn to replace it. Burn designed an extravagant manor in the Scottish baronial style, enclosing an L-plan tower in a clutch of turrets, bartizans and stepped gables. This new house would replace Mugdock Castle as the official seat of the Clan Graham.
Sold off in 1925, it briefly saw service as a hospital during the Second World War, during which one of the patients was Rudolf Hess, and then as the home of the Army School of Education. Afterwards it was de-roofed to avoid paying rates on the building, leading to the inevitable structural deterioration.
Today it remains standing to full height but progressively engulfed by trees and plants, marooned on the perimeter of a golf course after which it is named, and surrounded incongruously by modern housing. A perimeter fence surrounds the structure itself.

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  1. Over 30 years ago, a friend’s mother took us to the Drymen show. A little way off we saw this ruin and though the prospect of it was terrifying, we felt ourselves drawn to it. We spent much of the day exploring. I remember that there were still carpets visible. One of the corridors shown in the video had visible carpet through which yard high saplings had grown. The cone roofed turrets were full of rooks and crows. In the larger ground floor rooms there were holes in the floors and various voids, tunnels, and cellars beneath were exposed. 

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