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AR Drone 2.0 – A New Perspective for Abandoned Scotland

We recently got a package from the kind folk over at Parrot containing an AR Drone 2.0. I’ve always thought it would be great to capture aerial views over abandoned places but the technology was always lacking with it quickly becoming very expensive and run into thousands of pounds to get a capable drone and also an HD camera that could be attached to it.

I then came across the AR Drone 2.0 and it looked like it had everything I could want in a package stability, easily controllable from my iOS device and the important capture device. So when Parrot said they would love to give us one for our explores immediately I was excited. This will let us capture those hard to reach areas and get creative with our approach to videos and photos.

Check out this video for our first impressions of the drone:

So with all that being said where do you think we should visit with the drone and capture from the air?

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