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Angus Church

This church, which shall remain nameless, closed its doors to its congregation in the early 1980s and has remained empty since. It has passed through various hands of ownership and is currently up for sale. We were amazed by the remarkably good condition the church is still in, that is if you can see past the heaps of pigeon crap all over the place.

Oh ……… and the smell.

Church Balcony


The church has pretty much been left as it was when it finally closed its door to the public leaving a lot of books lying on the pews.

Church Hymn Book


The church is still home to two chandeliers which still hang in place above the pews and the balcony.

Church Chandeliers


I wonder how many people would have used the balcony back in the 1980s when the church had more of a draw than present day. Nowadays the church would struggle to fill a few pews on the ground floor.

Church Balcony


Most of the original pews still remain in situ with only a small number removed to access piping, long removed, under the floor. They are all in surprisingly good condition free of vandalism or the effects of the weather.

Church Pews


Within the backrooms of the church we found the remnants of numerous books, bibles and other leaflets left over from when the church was open. I wonder what the extra 10p was required for?

Church Books


Our last shot from the church shows the earlier photographed chandeliers in more detail. Now home to whichever pigeon wishes the best view over its flock.

Church Chandeliers

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