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Abandoned Nerston Residential School

Sometimes places we visit have so many things stripped out but little details remain, sometimes these details can offer an insight into the people that run the place. Nerston Residential School must have had some great teachers with some good positive messages now lying decaying on the walls.

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  1. I loved this school & have great memory’s when I was here around 1977-1980 & had great teachers like Smiddy the art teacher & the 2 English woman who looked after us all.Also had some good friends here like hugh mcahill,paul dillion & others.

    Wish i could turn back the clock & start all over again.

    • Could u tell me a little ablut ur experience?? Did u know georgina borland or dorothy clark or susan collins or helen torrance or janet bell or brian grassom??? X

  2. I have been im this school as I live beside it its is very interesting and I have miss patersons diary in 1975 and one im 1976 and I want to know more about some of the pupils that went here during this time some names I jhave read about are agnes susa loads of johns david and george and many other if anyone could help thanks x

  3. Staff I remember are: David Hebbington/Hemmington, George (Simpson I think) Andrew Hogarth (big Dr Who fan and fellow film buff) Linda (can’t remember second name) Delia (can’t remember second name) Claire Macgrory, Miss Dryden, Mr Wallace. Miss Gibson (who I still bump into from time to time) and of course the legendary Iain (Smiddy) Smith deputy head during my time there and who I fondly remember sitting at the piano singing Sign on the WIndow.

    Only pupils I remember are Bernard Macallister for some reason, I do recall a Georgina but can’t recall her second name)

    • Janice some staff members were lovely others such as mr Wilson head master and his son Stephen treated us like BAD BOYS and locked me in the cupboard under the stairs..
      Out the back there was a scaffold tube between two trees in 1975 I fell from that tree Tommy Dyer was my friend during my stay

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