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3D Modelling Abandoned Lennox Castle / Hospital

Lennox Castle in Dumbartonshire was originally built as a home for John Lennox Kincaid and was designed by the architect David Hamilton. It was to remain a personal residence until it was requisitioned for use as a military hospital during World War 1. In 1927 the castle was purchased by the Glasgow Corporation, as well as much of the surrounding land with a view to using it as a hospital for the mentally ill. Several buildings around the castle were constructed at this time to provide for 1200 patients. While the construction was ongoing the castle was used to accommodate the patients but then was later used as the nurses home.

During World War 2 Lennox Castle was again requisitioned for use as a general hospital, with the existing patients moved to temporary huts erected in the grounds which would eventually last for 40 years. Post World War 2 one of it’s most famous residents Lulu was born here.

In 1987 the Castle was considered tired and not fit for purpose for modern medicine and it was vacated. Other buildings were still used and a structured closuring plan was implemented with all buildings closed in 2002. In 2004 all other buildings were demolished leaving only the Castle standing. In 2006 part of the site was purchased by Celtic Football Club and some of the land is now used as a training ground.

In 2008 a major fire broke out with part of the tower destroyed and some of the walls partially collapsing. The extend of this in 2017 can be seen by clicking the play button on the model below:

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