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100K Treasure Hunt

Look out your boots or wellies.
Find your hat and scarf.
Zip up your waterproof jacket.
Its time for a treasure hunt!

We are fast approaching the 100,000 followers on Facebook and should hit the milestone before the weekend and so to mark this occasion we are having a treasure hunt which everyone can take part in! We have hidden four parcels in four of our favourite abandoned locations in Scotland and we want you to find them. For the meantime you will have to sit tight as no clues will be given to there whereabouts until Saturday 7th December. Over the weekend we will release clues to their locations and the first people to find them get to keep the contents.

So that everyone stays safe we haven’t hidden the packages within any building or structure itself as we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to our fans, but you will still have to find it hidden somewhere around the exteriors. Just to be clear we are not encouraging anyone to enter any abandoned building however we do want people to go out and see these places for themselves. They can be appreciated just as much from the outside as they can be from the inside. Plus we wouldn’t want anyone getting in trouble! You won’t need your climbing ropes either so you can leave them at home and remember to leave everything as it is. We don’t want these buildings made even worse.

So why not take a break from all the Christmas shopping in the run up to Christmas and go for a wander to see some of our amazing abandoned buildings!

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