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Top 10 things to remember when going exploring

When going out exploring it’s important to prepare, so we decided to make a list of the top 10 things to remember when going exploring.

10. Local Laws
It’s important to remember that all around the world the laws regarding trespass are different, make sure that you are aware of any local laws and try not to breach of them. Also never take any items from places you visit as this will in most cases be the property of the land owner and could be deemed as theft.

9. Research the location you plan on visiting
The first thing on discovering a place you want to visit is to research the place thoroughly. Try searching Google for the place you want to visit and get some history of the place. This will help to judge any risks and threats to you on visiting.

8. Appropriate Clothing
This isn’t the place for your new clothes from the high street and those bright chinos you bought on a whim, you need to make sure that the clothing is durable and fit for purpose. This generally can be decided from researching the place and might appear to be obvious but many explorers tend to forget this step, if the place has a lot of water make sure to wear water proof clothing!

7. Accessories
When going into an abandoned place many of them will have been left for years and therefore plaster dust and asbestos will no doubt be around, it’s therefore important where possible to take a P3 mask in some form particularly when going inside a closed place.

Another important accessory that should be taken is a good set of gloves, these can be bought from any standard DIY shop but these are essentially and will most certainly be needed.

6. Appropriate Footwear
You should have footwear that will be of use in all conditions, a good set of walking / hiking boots as well as a pair of wellies would be something I would encourage all explorers to have.

5. Check the weather
Checking the weather and conditions, particularly in Scotland, is a vital part of going exploring. It should also have a bearing on your decision to visit a place and the equipment that will be needed. You should check the weather in advance of going, as well as on the day you plan to explore.

4. Camera Equipment
This could be argued it isn’t essential but going to visit abandoned places is itself great to do but most explorers enjoy also documenting the visit to retain their memories of the trip or to show other people what the place looks like.

It’s important to make sure that your camera batteries are fully charged and you also have any memory cards / storage that you need. Personally I would suggest taking a back up battery and memory card in case of any faults.

3. Go with friends
I’ve always found exploring a social experience and love to share it with friends, although this isn’t essential going with people you trust will make the explore a lot safer which is important on visiting abandoned places.

2. Always let someone not with you know where you’re going
It’s important to always have someone outside you’re exploring group know where you’re going. I would always advise letting the trusted person know when you’re entering a place with a latest time that you will contact them by so that any alarm could be raised if a problem did happen.

1. Have fun and stay safe!
Judging risk is an important part of exploring. Never do something that you’re concerned would cause major injury with a high risk attached to it. The most important part of exploring after all of the above is…. have fun!

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