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Seabank Tank Farm – Guest Article – Abandoned Scotland

Seabank Tank Farm, was personally for me, one of the most interesting sites I have ever had the luck to explore. It was built shortly after World War One as part of the Naval Depot that the town of Invergordon had become. The site was used extensively during the Second World War but was only once targeted by a lone Junkers 88. The tank farm was mainly used for storing oil but some were used for storing drinking water. It […]

Royal Alexandra Infirmary

Our first explore of 2014 saw us visit Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Infirmary in Renfrewshire. The Royal Alexandra Infirmary, or as it was more commonly known the RAI, has existed in some shape or form since the 1700s. It originally provided out-patient and pharmacy services and later became a full infirmary around 1850. In 1900 the site of the infirmary was moved and a new building was erected, which is what remains today. Part of the current site was redeveloped into […]

100K Treasure Hunt

Look out your boots or wellies. Find your hat and scarf. Zip up your waterproof jacket. Its time for a treasure hunt! We are fast approaching the 100,000 followers on Facebook and should hit the milestone before the weekend and so to mark this occasion we are having a treasure hunt which everyone can take part in! We have hidden four parcels in four of our favourite abandoned locations in Scotland and we want you to find them. For the […]

Buchanan Castle

Buchanan Castle is more of an early Scots baronial house than your typical Scottish castle and was built between 1852 and 1858. The castle briefly saw service as a hospital during World War II, and a hotel prior to that in 1925. The roof of the castle was removed in 1954 to avoid paying tax on the building which inevitably started the destruction of this once beautiful building. Now all that remains of the castle are its walls which are […]

Angus Church

This church, which shall remain nameless, closed its doors to its congregation in the early 1980s and has remained empty since. It has passed through various hands of ownership and is currently up for sale. We were amazed by the remarkably good condition the church is still in, that is if you can see past the heaps of pigeon crap all over the place. Oh ……… and the smell.   The church has pretty much been left as it was […]

Abandoned Nerston Residential School

Sometimes places we visit have so many things stripped out but little details remain, sometimes these details can offer an insight into the people that run the place. Nerston Residential School must have had some great teachers with some good positive messages now lying decaying on the walls. Click to subscribe to Abandoned Scotland on YouTube

Abandoned Scotland Summary Volume 8 – Apocalypse

This weeks video is the Abandoned Scotland Summary Volume 8 video. Featuring the videos from Merchiston Hospital, Birkwood Hospital and Cults Lime Mine. Click to subscribe to Abandoned Scotland on YouTube

The Bowling Club – Lawn Bowls – Abandoned Scotland

Sometimes the smallest place can hold the dearest memories, this is an old lawn bowls club that has been sitting derelict in a quiet spot where most people would walk past without ever knowing what lies up the stairs. Click to subscribe to Abandoned Scotland on YouTube

Buchanan Castle Video – Abandoned Scotland

Buchanan Castle is a large house in Stirlingshire, Scotland, and serves today as the seat of the Clan Graham. Located west of the village of Drymen, the house was built by the 4th Duke of Montrose in 1854. The original structure, the ancestral seat of the Clan Buchanan, had burned down in 1852, and Montrose commissioned William Burn to replace it. Burn designed an extravagant manor in the Scottish baronial style, enclosing an L-plan tower in a clutch of turrets, […]

Abandoned Scotland Summary Volume 7

This weeks video is the Abandoned Scotland Summary Volume 7 video. Click to subscribe to Abandoned Scotland on YouTube