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Loudoun Castle Theme Park – Sept 2011

Loudoun Castle Theme Park was one of Scotland’s few family orientated attractions with only one other rival (M&Ds) so when it closed in 2010 it left a few people with one less place to take the kids during the summer holidays.

A lot of people didn’t find out that the theme park had closed as we found out during our first visit. On a pleasant stroll through the front gates we saw 2 sets of parents with 2 cars packet to the gunnels with kids looking thoroughly disappointed. Most of the attractions are still sitting in limbo, however as time goes by they are sold off one by one.

The main rollercoaster was still sitting there when we visited.

The ratchets of a rollercoaster at Loudoun Castle Theme Park
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Part of the track of a Rollercoaster at Loudoun Castle Theme Park
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The coaster train still sits in the station waiting for riders.

View From The Back of a rollercoaster at Loudoun Castle Theme Park
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The rollercoaster was called the ‘Twist and Shout’.

Loudoun Castle's Twist and Shout rollercoaster
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There is a massive chair swing (that’s what I call it anyway lol!) shaped into a globe. Inside is this:

The internal cables of the chair swing at Loudoun Castle Theme Park
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Loudoun Castle Theme Park also had attractions for the younger people in mind with a small show set up near to the big rides.

Loudoun Castle - Home Sweet Home
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The log flume is long since dried up but we found one of the logs presumably away for repair. Was it originally number 43 or number 3 and was then demoted?

A log from the Log Flume at Loudoun Castle Theme Park
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The Barnstormer sits at the end of the park but hasn’t shot up the tower in some time. The restraints are gathering mould in the meantime.

The restraints for Barnstormer at Loudoun Castle Theme Park
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The park was closed in 2010 due to heavy financial problems, and after a worker died falling from the main rollercoaster.

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11 Responses

  1. Someone should rebuy the park, fix all the rides and reopen all of them, I went in 2008 and it was the first time I had ever been upside-down on any ride. I hope someone does buy it, it only hit hard times when the credit crunch started, but it was making good money at the weekends and during the summer hols, if anyone has enough money, please buy Loudoun castle and fix a hole in Scottish entertainment

  2. ScotlandWolf.

    You say it was making ‘good money’. Are you referring to it’s takings or profit, as these can be totally different. This sort of park requires substantial and continual investment in order to keep attracting people and to ensure that the park is safe to use.

    I would therefore assume that although it may have been taking reasonable amounts, what it was taking was insufficient to enable the business to continue in it’s current form. Hence the plug was pulled. Always a shame when something like that happens, but perhaps if the castle could be converted into a hotel, this would help make the park a more viable concern.

    An approach to the Scottish Parliament is what is required !!

  3. The shaped globe, was first a attraction in the Netherlands. It’s a pity to see her abandoned. In a theme park called ‘Ponypark Slagharen’, there is the other one of the two. She is still fuctional and open for rides. Early, before the otherone moved, It had two of those globes. One is still at Slagharen, and the other is there :(. The attraction in the Netherlands at Slagharen is now 33 years and still open for public and she is shining. This is how it looked like before the transportation of the globe. 

    This is how it look today:

  4. I miss that place, my Dad used to take me all the time before he died 🙁 If it was closed how did you manage to get in and take the pictures?

  5. Would love to see this just cause I love castles and I seen the signs but when I googled found all this. 🙁 Wish I’d gone, didn’t really know about it, went to M&Ds but not this. Shame it looked amazing

  6. Was walking through the woods today and the path came out on to the remains of this theme park. It was really eerie walking past the chair swing and the rollercoaster, it could be a good setting for a horror film. Safe to say when we heard the sound of someone in one of the buildings we turned and high tailed it out of there! Went there a few times when I was a kid, it’s a shame it’s been left like this 🙁

  7. Oh I do hope it opens again! I went in 2009 all the rides were spectacular, but I loved the barnstormer. Your right! The owners should by the rides back, repair it and reopen this spectacular park. It breaks my heart seeing it as it is. 🙁