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Gray Dunn & Co – January 2012

Our first proper explore of the year saw us visit an old biscuit factory in the south side of Glasgow. Originally owned by Gray Dunn & Co the company was later taken over by Bisland Brothers Bakery and is the home of Blue Ribands and the Caramel Wafer (so we read anyway!). The building is fairly large and if you’re a regular driver of the M8 motorway you’ve probably driven passed it without realising what it was.

Each floor has been fairly gutted which leaves some massive open spaces.

Second Floor - Gray Dunn & Co
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We found that as you went to the upper floors the less there was lying about.

Third Floor - Gray Dunn & Co
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You could also see that the building had been extended several times and I think that some of the upper levels were later additions as well.

Top Floor - Gray Dunn & Co
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There were a few interesting things left behind such as this unopened letter lying on a work bench. The letter wasn’t addressed but still had the ‘Gray Dunn & Co’ return address on the rear.

Unopened Letter - Gray Dunn & Co
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We also found this book, which looks more like a ledger of some sorts. Now we don’t know a lot about making biscuits but why would you need a ‘Rat Lymph Node’? To see it better click on the image for a larger version.

Book - Gray Dunn & Co


This fire hose had a great view over the M8 motorway.

Fire Hose - Gray Dunn & Co
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Commanding views are one thing this building does not lack in. Here you can see another one of Glasgow’s more famous abandoned buildings!

Glasgow Science Centre from Gray Dunn & Co
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And here is a nice lonely chair shot. Great for taking in the views.

Contemplation - Gray Dunn & Co
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Part of the building was also used for letting out offices and for self storage space but this has also closed.

Big thanks to Pyroninja for this trip.

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  1. I know this is an old post but i can confirm that the factory did indeed make blue ribands. My Nana was a kitchen technoligist and confirmed they made them.

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