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Firs Park Football Stadium- July 2011

Firs Park Football Stadium is the former home of East Stirlingshire F.C. which is slightly surprisingly in Falkirk. The stadium was closed at the end of the 2007/2008 season with the club ground sharing with Stenhousemuir.

We visited 3 years on from when it was closed and were surprised that so much had been left behind by the club, and the fact that it was still there.

The stadium had an overall capacity of 1800 with only 200 of those seated.

Main Stand
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The rest of the ground was given up for standing areas with this shelter being the main area for the average supporter. We visited the ground a few years before the last game to see the Shire in action and this is where we ended up standing.

Firs Park Standing Area
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The club crest still stands proud atop the main stand overlooking the ground.

Firs Park Crest
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We took a football with us in the hope of taking some action shots but this was put to bed due to the grass not being cut in years. It was easily waist deep at points.

The relic of a line painter was left behind when the club moved grounds. We were surprised that it had survived the years and had not been stolen by the same people who tried to burn down the main stand.

Line Painter
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We moved onto the main stand to sample the seating for ourselves. I bet there are a few Shire fans would love to get their hands on one of these.

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Unlucky for some.

Firs Park
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The interior of the main stand is a burnt out shell of a building now thanks to some eejit, however there are a few jems to be found within.

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How these survived the fire is beyond me.

We had a look at the turnstiles but a few lucky fans had already been in and pinched some of them for souvenirs. This was one of the only ones remaining.

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Notice that nobody’s been round to pick up the mail recently.

Think I’m a bit late to pick up my prize?

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A surprising find.

Wrexham Fixtures
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Yes, that is a fixture list for Wrexham.

And so one of our favourite explores was over and it was time to head on to pastures new, although not without one last panoramic shot of the ground (click the image for its original size).

Firs Park

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