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East Fortune Hospital – Guest Article

We drove down the road, the trees on the right hand side doing well to hide the buildings behind. Parking the car at the opening to the small group of houses near the hospital, we began to gather our equipment together and set out to find an entrance into the hospital. The buildings were surrounded by a high fence which seemed to be covered in rust and those overly common “Trespassers will be prosecuted” signs. Eventually we found a fence and climbed over. We were in. We walked down the main road, various small building that we presumed were once wards, now boarded up, on our left.

East Fortune Hospital

Walking further down the road we came across the main building, a huge funnel standing above the buildings below.

East Fortune Hospital

Round the back of the building was a window which a small hole just big enough for a person to fit through. Handing my camera to my friend I slowly climbed though the window, standing on an empty gas canister for support. Once inside I took my camera back and helped my friend though the gap. The room in which we stood was what we thought to we a waiting room of some sort. It contained a few chairs and tables but most prominent was the scattered baby cots dotted all around the hall. Another highly noticeable feature was the damp, musky smell that hung in the air around us. We had been cautious and brought particle masks with us but the heavy air could still be felt.

East Fortune Hospital

East Fortune Hospital

After gathering more photos we left the hall and climbed back through the window and out into the fresh air. We took a walk around the building and back onto the main path to look for more open buildings. After a short walk we found an open door leading into a ward. This was a contrast from the hall which for the most part was well lit but this building was in total darkness so I reached for my trusty tripod.

East Fortune Hospital

East Fortune Hospital

After this we made our way out of the grounds, back over the fence we had used to enter and back to the car.

Though this trip was short, it was one of my first explores and i’m glad I could share it with you. If you enjoyed this then let me know and i’ll write some more.

Ali Hitchen
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4 Responses

  1. The hospital was in fact a former RNAS station during WW1 and a lot of the wards still had the original parguet flooring when I went exploring a couple of years ago. furhter along is the old pigeon loft from WW1 and it still had remnants of pigeon’s names on teh dookits

  2. I visited this place this afternoon, but was unable to even see anything let alone get into the grounds. I felt very sad! This was my first visit after 50 years, when I worked as a nurse in the hospital amongst pulmonary TB, and patients with respiratory related illnesses. What is the future for what was an important hospital and very happy place to work.

  3. My Gran,Susan Macaulay ,was the district nurse and also staff sister of one off the wards ,I remember going along to summer fairs held to raise money for the wards,when I was a little girl…lots of stalls with delicious home made cakes and jams ,and things the paitents had made for sale ,I remember as a child thinking that evryone seemed happy …

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