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Dunmore House – Guest Article

Ray Statter visited Dunmore House and shared his great video on our facebook page.

In 1820-22 the 5th Earl of Dunmore commissioned the architect William Wilkins to build Dunmore Park, a magnificent mansion very similar to Dalmeny House completed a few years previously.

It was occupied by the family until their departure in 1911 and remained as a private home until 1961.

After a short spell as a girls school from then until 1964 it was abandoned.

Although substantial parts of the building were demolished much remains to remind us of its grandeur and of our criminal neglect of our heritage.

Check out Ray’s video below.

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  1. The ruins look as if there was an older house within the 1822 house. Was the 1822 work simply an addition to an existing house rather than a completely new building? After all the Pineapple is dated 1761, which suggests that there was a big house there before that date.

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