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Dalquharran Castle – April 2011

One thing to remember when planning an urbex explore, always have a back up!


Our original intended explore for that day was a no go thanks to some jobsworth of a security guard, so off we went further into Ayrshire in search of Dalquharrah Castle.

After ditching the car we walked off through the fields to find the newer Dalquharran Castle (yes there are two of them!) and we weren’t disappointed as it came into view on the brow of a hill.

Dalquharran Castle
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The castle is rumoured to be waiting refurbishment to make it into the centre piece of a new golf course but work is far from starting. Most of the upper levels are completely erradicated and open to the elements due to the lack of a roof.

Floating Fireplaces - Dalquharran Caslte
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The most intact part of the castle is the basement, which we had to fight our way through all sorts of nettles, thorn bushes etc to get to.

Gear - Dalquharran Caslte
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Here are the remains of a few ovens in the basement, slowly rusting into nothing.

Ovens - Dalquharran Caslte
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As with many of the sites we have visited they permanently doors open day.

Broken Door - Dalquharran Caslte
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The day was absolutely stunning with some of the best weather we had all year, which made this a great explore.

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3 Responses

  1. We explored the two castles today (13 October 2012) in a very wet setting.
    The castles are still majestic but how long will that last.
    There is some talk of a big company reclaiming the newer building and turning it into a hotel with a championship golf course on the grounds. But the locals have lost faith in that idea. I’d like to think that this old masterpiece can be saved. But…

    • As a local I heard the same, but then there is a lot of Talk and equally as much Air at times when you hear about such things.

      And numerous local golf courses have been in quite serious financial sticks this past year and more (Turnberry aside), so find it very hard to imagine anyone would invest in another resort.

      The roads are also in a dire state too and I don’t think there are any plans to renew them.

      Personally I would like to keep ruins, its a nice thought returning such places to glory but then they get ring-fenced off.

  2. I used to date a fellow who claimed he and his brother and another partner were going to refurb this castle, and that they had a golf course designed by some famous golf course designer, and he called it his crown jewel golf course. Ummmmmm. I guess that didn’t happen!

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