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Cults Limestone Mine – February 2012


Last year we visited Cults Limestone & Brick Works near Cupar in Fife where we saw what remained of the buildings used above ground. We certainly didn’t go equipped to venture into the mine itself so we decided on a re-visit at some point. This month saw us return to Cults ready to venture underground into Cults Limestone Mine.

The mine has various entrances and with so many side passages and tunnels is essentially a giant underground maze.

Cults Limestone Mine
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There are still a few bits and bobs left over from its working days such as tram lines and this trolley.

Mine Cart - Cults Limestone Mine
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We were told that a group of local kids got lost in the mine in 1995 with a large operation put in place to find them again. A lot of the passageways are marked ‘checked’ and there is string leading down the main tunnel, obviously put there by Police. There have been a few rockfalls over the years which is slightly unsettling especially when you look at what holds up the roof in places.

Broken Beam - Cults Limestone Mine
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This is an axle complete with wheels which have gone exploring without their trolley.

Cart Wheels - Cults Limestone Mine
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Former cabling used with the trolleys or pulleys have been re-used in a more recreational manner.

Shuttlecocks - Cults Limestone Mine
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We ventured down a few of the different mine entrances with each having different characteristics from the others. Whilst the first shot showed how cramped and low the ceiling can be, this shows the complete opposite.

Rails - Cults Limestone Mine
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The remains of this cart look different from the others with this having what appears to be more of a wooden design.

Broken Wheels - Cults Limestone Mine
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Now when you venture down a mine there are a few things that you don’t expect to find. A fully dressed mannequin being one of them! Even though we were expecting to see him it is still very unsettling when you see him from a distance.

Mannequin - Cults Limestone Mine
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We couldn’t help but have a go at a self portrait whilst we were down there.

Urban Explorer - Cults Limestone Mine
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We can’t stress enough just how dangerous this kind of place can be and how easily you could get lost down there. Only go if you are suitably prepared and have someone who knows where they are going to show you the way.

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  1. Seen it all. Walked for a good twenty mintutes down one tunnel. Good thing had left string behind me cos i wud have got lost climbing back over all the cave ins. Wudnt recommend going further than main entrance on tunnel 1 and i wudnt even enter tunnel 2. Tunnel 2 is mostly bricked up anyway but when i got half way down and seen an under water river running next to me through a hole in the rock i decided as i may be suspended on thin rock over a massive casm it was time for home.

  2. Just read more of the review there. That string will belong to us as i have been a few times over past 8 years. Always tell someone who isnt going down where you are

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