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Clyde Tunnel – October 2011

Most people in the west of Scotland will have used the Clyde Tunnel at some point in their lives. At the last estimate the tunnel was used by 65,000 vehicles daily and when you consider Glasgow’s population is roughly just under 600,000 that’s a fair amount of the city’s residents. As well as the main road tunnels there is also a lesser known pedestrian and cycle tunnel which runs directly underneath the main carriageway.

Clyde Tunnel
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When driving through the tunnel it appears to be an arch however it is completely round, allowing for the pedestrian tunnel below. The tunnel is regularly used by cyclists with the decline allowing you to get up to a pretty decent speed. Its only the way back up that you really wish you hadn’t bothered.

Clyde Tunnel Cyclist
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Anyone who has ever used the tunnel will probably have tried to hold their breath for the duration of it. They reckon that travelling at the speed limit of 30mph it will take you 57 seconds to drive the full length.

Clyde Tunnel Curve
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Over the years the tunnel has been subjected to the local natives attempts at art work, and by this we mean crap graffiti. Back in 2005/2006 the pedestrian tunnels were closed separately to allow for them to be given a more artistic feel. Such things as the lights within were given different colours and there was also supposed to be music playing however this has long stopped.

Clyde Tunnel Graffiti
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Towards each end is a connecting walkway running between both tunnels, which also allows for access to the road section.

Clyde Tunnel Stairs
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As you venture further into the tunnel the graffiti becomes less frequent. Maybe the locals are a bit scared to wander to far from their own side? This was taken almost at the half way point of the tunnel, with the dip in the middle visible in the distance.

Clyde Tunnel Photographer
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The tunnel is worth a visit although early mornings are probably advisable!

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