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Arrochar Torpedo Testing Station Video – May 2011

Back in May 2011, we visited the torpedo testing station in Arrochar. The place has had a colourful history, in 1915 a spy Augusto Alfredo Roggen was caught and hanged at the tower of London for taking photographs here. Here is an old map of the site, where sadly several of the buildings have since been demolished:

Torpedo Testing Map

“Test firing was carried out from submarines, from torpedo tubes built beneath the pier of the test facility, or from a modified vessel, similar to a Clyde Puffer, equipped with two underwater torpedo tubes fitted beneath the bow. A line of floating targets was moored in the loch, in line with the pier, forming a series of observation platforms. Torpedoes under test were intended to run under these targets, rather than strike them, to check that they were running straight and true. Testing is said to have included wire-guided torpedoes which spooled out a control wire as they ran, but locals tell of regular misses, and of test subjects occasionally leaving the water. It is clear that some test samples were lost or abandoned, as the rusting remains of a battery powered torpedo lay on the shore south of Ardgarten for many years.”

More information on the site can be read here:

In true Scottish weather it was very windy which made for some dramatic videos.

The video from our trip can be seen here:

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You can also see pictures from the day here:

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