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Abandoned Places in Portugal – Guest Article

Here’s a guest article from one of our friends Ricardo on YouTube. He has started to document the various abandoned places in Portugal. His videos are really great and the places look incredible.


When I was young (15yo) me and my friends used to go to an old abandoned factory, until we got caught by the police …
Since then, when i pass by something abandoned i just want to explore it.

Randomly I discovered the AbandonedScotland videos, and felt it was time to invest in equipment to be able to share the videos with the rest of the world on YouTube and also have them saved for me.

Vila fernando

I just loved the machinery, some infrastructures are also interesting.

forte da graça

This place is just magic…
Maybe the best abandoned place i have visited so far

EPAC Grain Silos

Easy to get in and the views from the top are awesome.

Psychiatric Center

It was really hard to get in, i had to climb a tree to enter by the roof.
A few times I thought I heard something knocking, it was strange, I later discovered there was a door that was slamming because of the wind.

Hostel Penha Tejo 2012

History: Inaugurated initially in 1997 and abandoned in 2009…

Really quiet place, seems like we are in middle of nowhere.
I felt forgotten just like the place…

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