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Abandoned Merchiston Hospital May 2012 – Video

Here’s our latest video of the abandoned Merchiston hospital.

Merchiston Hospital was a hospital for mental health descended from Broadfield Hospital which was opened in 1925 and catered for mentally deficient men. Broadstone House was purchased by Paisley Burgh in 1929 to accommodate mentally deficient females and juveniles. Broadfield and Broadstone were administered as a single hospital. In 1946, Broadfield was sold to the Port Glasgow Town Council, who cleared the site. Paisley Burgh bought Merchiston House as a replacement and patients were moved there in 1948. This facility was known as Broadfield Hospital, Merchiston Unit. In 1958 two new wings were added providing an extra 70 beds. In 1979 Merchiston was redeveloped with four 30-bedded units built to a modern bungalow design. In 1948, with the advent of the National Health Service, the management of Broadfield (including the Merchiston Unit) was assumed by the Board of Management for Greenock and District Hospitals. In 1974 it passed into the care of the Inverclyde District of the Argyll and Clyde Board. The hospital closed in 2007-2008 with patients being moved to neighboring hospitals.

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5 Responses

  1. I am disgusted with that Health Board -buildings only 30 years old totally trashed-and Dykebar hospital in Paisley most -NOT All -lying abandoned -what next abandon Paisley –come on Paisley don’t take this -fight for your town.

  2. So sad for Paisley the town where I was born and reared – surely buddies you can stand up and be counted lobby your MP’s  write to newspapers you all deserve better. dont take any more of this .has the entire town been abandoned?

  3. think of uses for the empty buildings -brain storm ideas -Merchiston near airport -so hotel leisure facility could be good -quite rural-so what bout a training centre for gardening -for young unemployed-other ideas DIY store -so up to Paisley, think of ideas for the abandoned land and present it to Health Board for consideration.

  4. I find it difficult to discuss this place as it is a total waste of Health Board resources— as is also the current Dykebar hospital –your website is also outdated as infact a New Merchiston Hospital was built in the 80’s –and it is that ,which lies trashed and the Data that you have published on this site is about the “old Merchiston” not the more modern hospital now lying trashed this, and Dykebar hospital ,which still treats some psychiatric patients and Merchiston hospital are a total scandalous waste of NHS resources and there is NO excuse for this ground to lie derelict as it could have been turned into a modern psychiatric clinic allowing the ,then defunct Dykebar to have been totally emptied and the land “sold on “at a profit–all of it is shocking -Anyway Merchiston lies just outside of Johnstone if you approach it from the M8 passing the Glasgow Airport -it lies at a crossroads with Johnstone one side , Brookfield Village another, and Houston Crosslee Village another -the name of the road is Barrochan Road –I think you will have difficulty entering this site -as the site is looked after I believe by a security company SHAME ON THE HEALTH AUTHORITIES FOR THIS WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY.

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