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Abandoned Merchiston Hospital Commentary – Video

There was a lot of additional footage from our explore of Merchiston Hospital, so we thought it would be worthwhile trying out a different style of video. Many people on YouTube were asking for a commentary on some explores so I thought it would be beneficial to use this extra footage and try it out. You can see our commentary video below.

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3 Responses

  1. I have left comments somewhere on maybe some other part of your site–but you are so right .why hasn’ t the site been sold-?persuade the Health Board to sell on or use these resources in some way-if the Health Board had a 30 million pound deficit -selling on the land would have raised some money –or they could have used the buildings before allowing them to be trashed -such as a hospice may have been able to raise the money-it is good that this sort of thing is highlighted -Let us hope you or someone else can, persuade the Health Board to stop wasting NHS resources which have been paid for by tax payers and National Insurance contributions of the public -basically its bad management and shouldnt be accepted.

  2. Hi I live near the abandoned site and I believe that although some of the buildings were built in the 1970s, the hospital existed in the 1940s around 1948. I think it was possibly an old manor house that was converted into a hospital then changed into a mental hospital. My Gran says she was born there in 1950 so it must have been there in some shape or form but probably far smaller. Also I haven’t explored the place yet as I find it very creepy ha! but is the manor house still there? There is very limited info on the internet about the place and hardly any original or older photos. Obviously the newest ones are of the current state but I am sure there was definitely a manor house of some sort called Merchiston House. 

  3. Can someone please give me a location for this hospital, i would LOVE to see it.  Is there anywhere very close you can give me so i can find on the sat nav?

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