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Abandoned Balrossie School Video – January 2012

We actually had intended to go inside the Gray Dunn factory again to capture some of the fantastic views over the city but unfortunately on our return the place was sealed up tight with our previous entrance closed. Unfortunately with exploring it doesn’t always go to plan, so we left and looked at Balrossie School. The buildings from pictures we had seen from other pictures had wood boarding up and a few clear entrances, on arrival unfortunately all entrances had been replaced with a metal sheeting which meant once again we were not going to get inside the main buildings. We decided to have a look around the grounds with some great architecture and signs of the past still left.

It was built in 1899 and prior to WWII Balrossie was bought by The Boys Brigade and used as their outdoor training centre. Balrossie was HQ for light AA during World War II. In the 1960’s it became a residential List D School and was closed in 1994.

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  1. i was in care at the school from 1990 to late 1993 . i have a lot of good and bad memories from those days .Have been back up to see the school a few times since .its still good to go back and remember when i was there .

  2. lookin at that video brought back wen i was in balrossie,i have scar from running into a H beam round at the back wer the padda courts wer,and the field at fon.t wer you wer made to run round in x crountry in freezing cold,1975-6,2 brothers i remember wer called butler,1 teacher may who had horses there,guy called froggie from paisley,me and him ran away together made it to glasgow b4 being returned,long time ago now

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